Thursday 29th September

It suddenly struck me that I have managed so far to post an entry for every day of the year.  This is the longest I have maintained anything like this before, and I'm rather pleased that I have done it.  Perhaps it is tedious in the extreme for others, but it has served me well, [...]

Wednesday 28th September

Felt a little annoyed with myself today in that I did not really get anything done, and left myself with some tight deadlines on Thursday.  I have not been feeling brilliantly healthy for a while, and I think that is doen to lack of sleep and dehydration.  I slip out of the habit of drinking [...]

Tuesday 27th September

There is a small sense of relief when I wake up on a Tuesday, knowing that I do not have to concern myself with running any sessions.  This is not to say I don't enjoy running them, but the freedom of Tuesdays and Wednesdays is always a good feeling.  A trip into Luton today to [...]

Monday 26th September

Spent today feeling a little more relaxed about life. I am not sure if this is because I should feel relaxed, or whether I just need to. The promised late summer heatwave has yet to materialise, and we were treated to a damp dull day today. I have a clear head about life at the [...]

Sunday 25th September

Mrs Plug and Eldest went of the to Royal Academy to look at the Degas exhibition.  I stayed behind with youngest who is not well.  We had a veg in front of the telly day with popcorn and sweets, which was just delightful.  We did, however, watch Game of Thrones for much of this.  It's [...]

Saturday 24th September

A very busy day today.  Work first, followed by Christmas show rehearsals, followed by a mad dash to Surrey for niece's birthday celebration.  T'was nice to see some family members that I haven't for a while, and to catch up.  I think I may be getting a little soppy in my old age, but the events of [...]

Friday 23rd September

Happiness appears to have broken out at Plug Towers, with everyone seeming fairly "Chipper".  I am now of course worrying that my use of the word "Chipper" has confirmed once and for all my entrance into middle age.  On the other side of the coin, I have been receiving communication related to my Aunt, which [...]

Thursday 22nd September

Spent most of this morning with an edgy feeling that I had perhaps forgotten something, which manifested in a realisation that I had a bill to pay today. I do wonder how the brain works at times. I continue with my quest to get my “media Library” organised, and the 2TB hard drive that I [...]

Wednesday 21st September

I had a meeting yesterday and another one today with schools. Both went very well, and we start a couple more after school clubs over the next few weeks. There is also the possibility of some additional project work as well. All very exciting, as I watch the workload go up and up. I was [...]

Tuesday 20th September

A walk over the hills with Mrs Plug this morning after the school run. Lots of rather melancholic memories of hairy companions, and I came back feeling better for the fresh air and exercise, but a little down about it all. I went to Luton to do some banking, but also came back with another [...]