Saturday 20th August

A leisurely start to the day, but then the four of us went to Airia force which is a large waterfall. The journey there through Kirkstone pass was stunning, and I wish I had taken some photos along the way….it was stunning weather until we came back when everything disappeared behind cloud. The waterfalls were [...]

Friday 19th August

Today we went for a five mile walk around Eltewater. It was a beautiful day again, and we were able to take a leisurely stroll for the more delicate amongst our party. We visited a cave and a waterfall, and also stopped for tea and cake. A perfect Lake District day. We were all quite [...]

Thursday 18th August

We woke up in the beautiful Lake District and a sense of calm has descended already. I suspect that this is not the case for our hosts Mr and Mrs Pops! We did not do a great deal during the day as we were preparing for the evenings entertainment. We went to see the Globe [...]

Wednesday 17th August

We celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary today. What better way to celebrate it than a visit to Mr and Mrs pops house? We set ourselves a target of being out of the house by eight, and to my shock we achieved this with time to spare. A really good run up the motorway meant our [...]

Tuesday 16th August

Up early to go shopping for the final few bits and pieces.  Birthday cards are sent for tomorrow, and I am trying not to think of another birthday that would have been.  I enjoy shopping for bots and pieces, and found a new gadget that included a compass, and various other bits and pieces from [...]

Monday 15th August

And so we turn our attention to our impending visit to the Lakes.  We have a couple of days to sort everything out and make sure we are proper;y equipped.  I personally can't wait for the next two days to go so that we can get on the road!  First though, we need to tidy [...]

Sunday 14th August

Awoke to find our last guest asleep under the Dining room table….but house in pretty good state all things considered.  Did very little today, other than fall asleep in front of the football.  The new season started yesterday, but no Spurs due to the riots.  I managed to finish the "Keef" book, and thoroughly enjoyed [...]

Saturday 13th August

Down to the hall early to get everything prepared, the second show went really well, but I suspect it was a slightly more tired performance that last nights.  Very well received and got some nice feedback from the local paper….so I keep my fingers crossed for a good review!  Worked really hard in the afternoon [...]

Friday 12th August

Photos this morning, and a full run through, and it went incredibly well.  We then set the bows, had our final game of football and then did a dress run.  The whole week has flown by.  We then stayed at the hall and crew ate together, which was very pleasant.  On with the show, which [...]

Thursday 11th August

We are really motoring now, and just about everything is set….the stage looks fabulous, and we now have a giant Cat's head made from lots of smaller ones….We still haven't run the whole show, but everything has been blocked other than the bows.  At the end of the day we dash off to get ready [...]