Classical Music

This particular form of music was always a bit of a mystery to me.  As a child, my wonderful infant school teacher Mrs Cooper always tried to open our ears to many forms of music, and as a result, I started learning the guitar, attended folk festivals and, perhaps most importantly, attended a classical concert. [...]

I Value the Arts

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I am not one of the pedants from the "Must speak the Queens English or you are guilty of cultural rape" brigade.  I realise that language is constantly changing and evolving, and for this, we must be grateful.  In many ways, Shakespeare would be a far less attractive prospect to us now had language not [...]

iPhone app

I use Posterous as my basic blogging platform, and it then automatically updates my Wordpress blog at mr-plug. from there. Posterous has now released a fully functioning iPhone app that I am now trying for the first time. So far so good but it doesn’t seem to have the landscape function [...]

Broom, Broom and thrice broom

Bit of an odd day today.  I struggled to wake up in any way shape or form, and as a result, achieved next to nothing all morning.  I find myself having days like this from time to time, but usually manage to snap out of it these days.  Today was slightly unusual however, in that I needed [...]

The Globe

Back from another day in London.  We went pretty much straight after the session this morning, and I found myself as a groundling at the Globe for the first time.  What a fantastic experience it was.  Myself and Eldest saw Henry IV Part one, and the three hours on our feet were worth every minute [...]

A Bit of an arty Catch Up

It has been a while dear reader since I regaled you with tales of my recent visits out to various Arty Farty type events, of which there have been a fair few lately…So I will try to summarise…

The Saatchi Gallery – The simplest way I can describe this is a large building full of [...]

Professional Satisfaction

Received my Union membership today, which when I consider where I was five years ago makes me rather proud.  I also have received an approach from an educational establishment to help with a production, which I cannot begin to explain in terms of my happiness.  When I set out on this particular path five years ago, I [...]