I hate to say I told you so

So the new Minister for Culture has asked major Arts funding bodies to look at cuts of 25 to 30%.
I recently posted on this subject here http://www.bartonbydesign.co.uk/mr-plug/?p=233
So we are looking at something even more serious.  Whilst I genuinely believe that there is an opportunity for all arts organisations to really innovate and create as a result [...]

1966 and all that

So I sit here on a rainy Sunday afternoon with the memories of last nights disappointing result still going around in my head.  The media in general, and the fans on many a football forum are already telling us to take down our flags and to tear up the Panini albums as we have no [...]

Cultural pillage

So the Department for Culture Media and Sport have been told to cut their budgets by 3%, and Arts Council England by a disproportionate 4%.  As is usual with a Conservative government, and yes, I mean a Conservative government until I see signs of any true Liberal influence, the Arts gets hit as it is [...]

Bloody Teeth

I have, for many years, suffered with all sorts of problems with my teeth.  It dates back to a butcher who used to pass himself off as a Dentist who cared for me as a child.  He advised that I had a fluoride deficiency, when I was actually suffering from awful tooth decay.  As a [...]

Halifax Bank

So we needed to send a large sum of money (£4000) from our account to someone elses.  We logged on to the account, and tried to do this.  We were advised that this would take four or five days.  We wanted to ensure payment was quicker than that, so we phoned them.  At this point [...]

Solicitors and Estate Agents

Why is it that we pay these people thousands of pounds to do a job that we have to nag them to do on an hourly basis?  I’m sure that there are some very complicated sides to the job, that perhaps I don’t have a full understanding of, but it seems that everytime I have [...]

Bleedin Computers

Just realised that the daily updates have not been making it to the blog.  I had been emailing them, but for some unknown reason they just sat in the outbox for a week.  I am amazed that my mass of readers have not been bombarding me with complaints!  All updated now, and hopefully I have [...]

More misery

Continuing with the miserable theme, we broke the news about the dog to youngest today.  I had been dreading it, and it was met with the expected sobbing.  The poor kid really is going through it, and I really hope she can come to terms with the whole moving thing.  We really do have to [...]

Just the most hateful day

The day started well enough, in that we went to view the proposed new house, and all seemed perfect.  As we walked around I could see everything working in this environment.  There was a side of me that felt slightly less welcome than if we were buying the house, but I suppose that is the [...]

Those nice people from the Church

Following on from previous posts on the people of the church, I was astounded to witness some stunning bad manners this evening.

Working with young people as I do, you come to accept, that some peoples moral code is perhaps not similar to yours, and that is of course fine.  I do however, get very cross, [...]