I hate to say I told you so

So the new Minister for Culture has asked major Arts funding bodies to look at cuts of 25 to 30%.
I recently posted on this subject here http://www.bartonbydesign.co.uk/mr-plug/?p=233
So we are looking at something even more serious.  Whilst I genuinely believe that there is an opportunity for all arts organisations to really innovate and create as a result [...]

Cultural pillage

So the Department for Culture Media and Sport have been told to cut their budgets by 3%, and Arts Council England by a disproportionate 4%.  As is usual with a Conservative government, and yes, I mean a Conservative government until I see signs of any true Liberal influence, the Arts gets hit as it is [...]

Where is the new politics?

Over a week ago we went to the polls, and spoke collectively as a nation.  I realise that there was no box on the ballot paper for either a hung parliament, or a coalition, however, the fact remains that of all the options, there was no clear majority on favour of any particular party.  The [...]

Things can only get Bitter

So, we limp into the first day of the Tory/Lib Dem coalition. Shorn of the glamour and trumpets that heralded Blair in 1997, we saw Cameron entering number 10 with a big cheesy grin. We have been promised a new politics, a new start. Yet this morning, on the Today programme, William [...]

An Open Letter to Nadine Dorries

Dear Mrs Dorries

I had the great fortune to attend the hustings in Flitwick last night, and saw what your idea of democracy was.  It was a privilege to see the police called, for what I believe was the heinous crime of free speech.  Whilst you supporters were heard to utter phrases like “Darkie” and “Wog”, [...]

Nadine Dorries

I have been blocked from my MP’s Twitter account.  I suspect that she has taken exception to some of the questions I have asked her.  I have always been deeply polite, and never resorted to some of the petty name calling that both her, and her colleagues resort to at times.  Whilst I detest her [...]